1. The CM-CPST primarily provides service coordination and support services, linking clients to available and needed resources to help meet basic needs
  2. Conducts an assessment of barriers to recovery in the various life domains, coordinates treatment planning, provides input, and works collaboratively with the clinical counselor, psychiatrist, and/or nurse practitioner to develop an integrated, holistic, person-centered, strength-based treatment plan.
  3.  Familiarize with the client medical records to understand the level of support needed by the client.
  4. Adheres to Buckeye’s program plan and the client’s treatment plan for appropriate “care management” activities as part of the continuum of services.
  5. Prioritizes urgent needs for referrals/linkages (e.g., to meet basic needs) and need for referral to services such as to address health issues.
  6. Monitors environmental concerns, including impulse control, aggressive and/or high-risk behaviors, and safety factors.  Monitors overall safety and health to prevent decompensation or elevation of symptoms.  Monitors risk and protective factors, compliance with the treatment regimen, and effect of prescribed medications.
  7.   Addresses basic ADL deficits to promote successful tenure in the natural environment
  8.  Educate the client regarding safe & sound websites, text-line, and apps on coping skills.  Promote the use of the public library for resources.  Provide information about community resources, support groups, appropriate activities that promote community connectedness, and a natural support system.  Shares self-help materials as directed by the counselor or clinical supervisor.
  9. Monitor and reinforce coping skills learned from therapy
  10.  Assist in removing barriers to successful functioning.  Coordinates with other community agencies regarding the client’s treatment to promote positive treatment outcomes.  Participate in community collaboration meetings.  Advocates and raises awareness on behalf of clients for community and local services to meet client needs.
  1. Provides linkage and assistance in accessing inpatient or more restrictive SUD   treatment as medically necessary.

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