Opiate Addiction Recovery Center

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Many people believe that Opiate addiction treatment center is a behavioral condition. Science tells us this isn’t necessarily the case. It is, in fact, a chronic disease of the brain, with social implications. One that manifests itself with biological, spiritual, social, and psychological characteristics.


Addiction is a condition that causes the several different problem, some are following behaviors problem:

  • Renders you unable to consistently abstain from using drugs.
  • Creates an overwhelming hunger or craving for the drugs that increases in scope and severity over time.
  • Reduces your capacity to recognize problems in your own behavior and in your relationships with others around you.
  • Impairs your ability to control your own behavior, which can impact your relationships, your job, and your finances.
  • Limits your capacity to provide the proper emotional responses in many situations.

From a social aspect, addiction can create a number of issues in the life. These include negative impacts on your:

  • relationships with your partner or spouse
  • relationships with your family and friends
  • schooling
  • work
  • finances
  • driving record

In other words, addiction is a disease with many lifestyle implications. It’s one that has become an Ohio addiction problem. And it’s is one that doesn’t just go away on its own. Patients need help to treat the disease itself, as well as the many, varied symptoms of the disease.