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Treatment for drug Abuse:

Treatment for drug Abuse:

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Columbus offers individuals another chance at a sober life through personalized drug treatment plan. Addiction can be life-threatening, so we understand that this is a difficult time, we will help to overcome. We have certified addiction specialists who help patients just like yours fight this illness every day.



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We provide individualized dual drug treatment program to treat underlying cause of addiction that will help you understand your triggers, better cope with negative thoughts and emotions, and help you avoid relapse.

Buckeye Clinic is one of the premier outpatient drug treatment centers in the central Ohio. We provide dual diagnosis treatment programs that we are confident will give you the tools you need to live a life free from addiction. We will create a personalized program to treat and manage your addiction


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Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences and changes in the brain, which can be long lasting. These changes in the brain can lead to the harmful behaviors seen in people who use drugs. Drug addiction is also a relapsing disease.


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We know the decision to commit to outpatient Addiction treatment is not easy, it is a commitment to a new lifestyle. We’ll make sure your journey through outpatient treatment is as comfortable as possible. There are choices to make between Suboxone, Subutex and Zubsolve. At initial visit,you can discuss with board certified provider a best option for your treatment. 


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Getting help for addiction is one of the most important decision/choices you can make for yourself. Asking for help for treatment is a very difficult decision. If you’re looking for outpatient drug rehab centers, there are quite a few factors you should keep in mind before you choose any one program over another. Knowing what these factors are and how they impact your care and treatment.


Private drug treatment

Individual who are choosing addiction treatment have many choices when it comes to treatment, but private outpatient clinic programs are usually one of the best option. In addition private programs also use individualized treatment techniques to give patient the best chance to stay clean. If you or a loved one needs more information on private drug and outpatient rehabilitation programs, contact us today at 1-844-928-2539.


Drug addiction treatment in Columbus, OH

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